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some of my favorite things

Keeping it short and sweet. Check out some of my favorites currently on heavy rotation. Including Kailey                  deets~ black dress: click me | red sneaks: click me | tropical jumpsuit: click me | belt: click me slides: click me    

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on heavy rotation currently

consistently MIA for a few months now so apologies to all. HOWEVER, here are some of my favorites. I wore them all together because I can and will and I’m obsessed with each piece SO much. top: Sabo Skirt (sadly sold out because it’s that good) here are some alternatives on their site that are equally […]

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Rebirth Of Revamped Heirs and Valley Vintage

Last year, I started two collections in the regards to huge fashion print we leave with fast fashion. I decide I would sell revamped clothing,resell gently used clothing and vintage finds. Life got in the way and I got distracted.  I have been sitting on great finds for months. So I have decided each week I will debut a piece or two. Bare with me for my horrible modeling until I find some kick ass models.Check out this tunic. If you are  short...

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Denim | Sheer | Chic Combo

Hi! Upon the completion of NYFW, I’ve decided to rip apart my closet and start wearing pieces that bring a new vibe to my overall style (basically the pieces I’ve worn once, etc.) I have this basic, sheer black button down with sparkly threads mixed within the knit to give a melange effect.  I love it, […]

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