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Wardrobe Cult is the best tool for fashion stylist, fashion bloggers, and independent designers. The Cult is a premiere community where fashion gurus rent, swap and sell with each other. No more carrying and shipping heavy trunks thru the airport. No more going to a new city to work and not having resources.  Bloggers, designers, and stylist now have somewhere to network, and meet. Not only is it the best place for the professional fashion gurus to showcase their kits to the world but they also get to decide how, who and when their items are available too. If you want to rent to only bloggers or stylists you have full control. If you are a boutique owner and want to get your items seen or sold this is the community for you. Lastly, if you just want to sell to the general public you have that option as well without doing it alone. 

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Is Black twitter being a Crybaby about H&M coolest monkey?

The fashion industry has a huge disparity when it comes to minorities breaking in the industry. I mean we all watch Kanye Yezzy line. No one was taking him serious until it was too late. Fashion companies often have no problem using minority superstars to sell billions of dollars worth of fashion. These corporation will give endorsements but not a real seat at the table. Today the internet has went crazy over this new product alert. The problem is minorities...

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When Is Ok to Extend your Business?

It has been way too long since I blogged. If you follow my social media handles you know I recently expanded my business. I have been receiving more training in the beauty industry. In July I enrolled in Paul Mitchell. I have always had a gift for making people looking great. My closest friends and clients never understood why I just wouldn't do it all. When you are really good a multiple things you came seem like you are all...

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